​I fell down several times in the past two years. Though the fractures on my ankle and lumber spine were healed, I had no strength on my waist and pain on my knees. I had physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments but not much improvement was made. I was later introduced to Dr. Chong and he revitalized my whole body! I had five weekly treatments in the beginning. The feeling of improvement kicked in after the third treatment when I could straighten my back and my knees could crouch down without pain. I continued to take another five treatments once every two weeks in order to strengthen and to maintain the wellness of the whole body. Dr. Chong’s treatment is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. He is very concerned about his patients not being attacked by a stroke, so each time he would puncture the specific points to prevent this happening. There was also an incident that I failed to recall the name of a friend for two days but it suddenly came to my mind when he punctured my memory point! There is improvement in my long term conditions: my lung energy which was low has gained strength, more strength on my lower back, less stomach gas and better sleep. My treatment with Dr. Chong was effective. He is a very passionate acupuncturist. His treatments are thorough and come from the heart. I highly recommend him! ​​

Irene L.

Age 68

​  I had Mr. Chong treated my lower back pain and pain all around my waistline. He was very thorough, patient, skillful, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional. He had shown me the acupressure points in case I was not able to see him. He spent the time explaining and educating me. After each session, I felt I have gained tons of knowledge along with the relief of my symptoms. Besides needling, he also treated me with Tui Na. I was in heaven. All the above, I never came across from other doctors. I truly appreciated his service. I recommend him.

Esther C.

Age 63

In 2019, I had my worst experience with gout inflammation for a few months and the medication I used to take did not help. So I could not move freely and my right ankle was in pain all the time! 

I knew it was time to seek help from traditional Chinese doctor. I found Acupuncturist Mr. Chong. After one treatment of cupping and acupuncture treatment, the pain of my ankle was almost gone completely and I could move freely. Thank you Mr. Chong. P.S. Mr. Chong’s office conveniently locates near Chinatown and easy access to subway. The office is organized and clean.​

Hing C. 

Age 62