About Shui-Fon​g​

    Shui-Fong is the founder of Shui-Fong Chong Acupuncture, PLLC and a licensed acupuncturist 

in the state of New York. He received his training at

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City and graduated with a Master of Sc​ience in Acupuncture.

    During his training, Shui-Fong completed internships at Beth Israel Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Integrative Oncology Department and Veteran’s Administration Hospital/Pain Management. He imagines the future of medicine to be wholly integrative and hopes to play a significant role in bringing the Eastern philosophy of physical, mental, and spiritual health into the framework of the modern healthcare system. While his practice welcomes all those in need, he is particularly interested in treating individuals dealing with chronic conditions including pain management, senior health care, stress and insomnia, and depressive illness.

   Previously, Shui-Fong earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in graphic design from the City College of New York and Parson School of Design. After neglecting his health while working over a decade in the Design industry, he tried acupuncture and discovered a whole new approach to well being. The results of his experiences inspired lifestyle and career changes as well as the desire to help others recognize the healing benefits of this remarkable medicine.

What People Say


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    One evening, I felt pain on the right side of my abdomen. It became very painful. Dr. Chong performed an acupuncture treatment for me to manage the pain for the night so that I could check with my family doctor in the morning.

     My family doctor thought that it was kidney stone and ordered that I go through further testing at the hospital. While waiting and undergoing all the testing, including CAT scan, I was already feeling better.


    The test result did indicate that it was kidney stone and it was released.

Amazing that Dr. Chong's treatment, which is the only treatment that I have received while others were just testing at the hospital, could have helped to release the kidney stone.

     When Dr. Chong gives 

a treatment, it's not just a treatment but a total all rounded treatment that can help tonify your whole body.

    Highly recommend!

Philip C.
Age 58

    One day my face felt very strange, felt kind of fun​ny especially on the right side of the face. It did not feel normal. My face was starting to feel a tilt. I immediately seek treatment from a friend’s referral for an acupuncturist, Dr. Chong at Shui-Fong Chong Acupuncture. What I was experiencing was Belle Palsy coming on. I was glad I was able to seek treatment before it got worse.

    After my first treatment I felt a little better. I needed multiple treatments to get back to normal. After several treatments I was able to gain control of my right face and starting to heal. Right side of face was gaining control back.

     If I had not acted quickly things would have went bad to worse extremely quickly. Dr. Chong’s Acupuncture technique really healed my face and I feel awesome and back to normal. I highly recommend anyone to give Acupuncture a try.

Johnny T.

Age 50

​    My experience with Shui-Fong Chong Acupuncture has been a very good one. My en-​larged prostate condition has been improving due to my acupuncture treatments with Shui-Fong Chong. My lung energy which was low has gained strength as well. My cold hands and feet have also been improving. There are no quick fixes for long term conditions but there definitely is improvement.

    Do not think that one treatment can solve all your problems. I have just completed a series of ten treatments and the results have been to my satisfaction. My condition has improved considerably where my trips to urinate at night have decreased and my prostate condition is very good according to my urologist, as well.

Anthony W.
Age 67