Holistic Medicine

    Traditional Chinese Medicine pays attention to the wholeness or unity of the body, and the relationship between the human body and nature. The human body itself is seen as an organic whole. Every part of the body is inter-related and inter-influenced. The human body is related to external natural surroundings. This idea of unity between interior and exterior conditions, and wholeness of the body is the soul of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


A natural way of improving your health.

    The human body is an organic whole. It is composed of a number of viscera, organs and tissues. Each of them has its own respective functions. Each viscera has its own outside signs, and is specially related with certain body constituents and orifices. For example, through inspection of the outside signs such as complexion, tongue color, pulse picture and sensation of the chest one can know whether the function of internal organ or heart in governing the blood and vessel is normal.


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